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Become a member of all new our hair club! Whether you have been purchasing hair for a long time or this is your first time, it is likely that you have always had to pay to wear the hair.  Wouldn’t it be nice for someone to give you some money back when you purchased your hair from them?


How many times have you recommended to someone that they go to “XYZ place” to get their hair?  Has anyone ever paid you for that?  Have they even offered a discount? With all the people that you have sent places to purchase hair, have you ever wondered how much money you could make if you could sell them the hair yourself?  Well ,now you have the opportunity to find out. 

Build a Business


If you can think of others that like to make money like you, then you are already o your way.   Most times, to be in business, you have to go out and acquire special skills of some kind, but not with IF IT’S HAIR.  You already have all the skills that you need.  If you see someone that wears hair, or know someone that wants to make some money, you have everything that you need.  This is not a high pressure, complicated opportunity.  It was designed to be simple!  If you want to purchase hair, we have the best quality at the best price.  If you want to make money doing things you have already been doing for free, we offer that opportunity as well.  You can get started today!

Become a distributor for IF IT’S HAIR and get paid for what you have been doing for free all along!  It requires nothing more than what you have already been doing – telling people where to get the best hair products for the best price – You!  Get paid for each bundle that people purchase from you.  The best part of it all is that you don’t have to carry inventory.  They can purchase from our website using your unique pin that you will receive when you become a distributor.  Yes!  You make money and it doesn’t cost you anything!   

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